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It's not easy to cope with an injury. It's especially not easy when the injury isn't your fault. In those instances, let the professional and dedicated team at Joseph F. Lavey II P.C. defend and represent your best interests.

You should not be dealing with the consequences of an injury that's not your fault. Joseph F. Lavey II P.C. will put you first. He can help you obtain the compensation needed to help you get through your recovery period. You can rely on our over 30 years of experience.

Joseph F. Lavey II P.C. can get to the bottom of the issue to find exactly what happened, whose fault it was and what you deserve. We offer a prompt response to client inquiries. We are licensed in Michigan State and Federal courts and a member of the State Bar of Michigan.

  • Wrongful death

  • Injury claims

  • Auto accidents

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